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Santiago de Compostela IX Day 87 (Saint Sever-Hagetmau) 18km

Breakfast with the other guests at the Toast Vin is great.

We’re quite excited about visiting the 10th century Abbey of Saint Sever. I know I said I was tired of 10th century abbeys (the 10th century does seem to have been the century for building abbeys), but this one is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The weather has improved dramatically, as has the scenery. It is no longer flat and we have moved out of the pine forests. There are farms and villages on the hills. We see some cows but mostly it is corn that is produced, which is somewhat depressing. We watch the harvest for a while and then move on.

We’re walking at about the same speed as our new Dutch friends, Kees and Coby, so every once in a while, one of us will overtake the other, which is fun. They’re ingood spirits and funny.
When we arrive in Hagetmau, we call to be picked up. It is a short day so we’re early and have to wait. But it’s sunny and the church square is pleasantly busy, so we don’t mind. Eventually Sophie comes to pick us up and since I gave myself permission not to have to prove/improve my French, we get to speak English. She and her Welsh husband have a great spread out in the country with lots of animals, a nice restaurant and rooms for guests. It’s a beautiful day and they have WIFI outside so we have a couple of glasses of Blanc de Blanc on the terrace, as the chickens keep us company and Sophie is kind enough to do our laundry!

After a while it cools off and we go inside for a rest. Desmond prepares my shower for me.
After a nearly disastrous incident at the beginning of this season involving a complicated European faucet, scalding water and me being without my glasses on, Desmond now sets the temperature for me and explains how the faucet works before I step under the shower. I feel quite like Prince Charles.
Dinner is great. We have the Salade Landaise with greens, chicken, boiled eggs and of course foie gras and close off with three cheeses: Comptė, Roblichon and a Bleu d’Auvergne.
We finish the evening off with an Armagnac, since this is Armagnac country, although unless they make it out of corn, I don’t know how THAT is possible....
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