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Santiago de Compostela IX Day 86 (Mont de Marsan-Saint Sever) 20km

Friday October 4, 2019

This is our fourth day of walking through pine forests and cornfields.
Boring, boring, boring!
And hard...
Both our weather apps said that it wouldn't rain today but because our sense of weather has been so sharpened, having lived outside the last week, and because it is raining when we look out the window, we decide to take our raincoats. And a good thing too!
It rains off and on all day, not hard but enough to keep ones glasses misted over...
Most of the day we walk on asphalt because the shoulders haven’t been mowed, good for flora and fauna but not for us.
We meet our first other pilgrims of the season, a Dutch couple from Harderwijk, going from Saint Reole to Saint Jean Pied de Port.

We pass a couple of lovely churches and then head up the mountain upon which the 10th century Abbey of Saint Sever is perched.
We’re staying in a real guest house for the first time this year, due to some changes in the itinerary which Caminoway has informed us of in a very timely and correct fashion.
Dinner is in a big group, with our Dutch friends, a young French couple from Toulouse and one from Bordeaux with their two year old daughter.
We have a wonderful evening. The Dutch couple is very funny, the French are charming. Mme serves a great meal, and keeps the wine flowing!
There is a bit of awkwardness when I regrettably suggest amid general hilarity over Britains Brexit problems that a country in which complex social issues are fought out in the streets such as France should probably not criticize one in which they are fought out in Parliament...
But we quickly move on and I propose a toast to France speaking from my heart when I say what an amazing experience it has been walking over one thousand km through this country from the top northeast corner to the bottom southeast. It makes us a bit sentimental thinking that we will be moving on into Spain in only a few days!
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