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Santiago de Compostela IX Day 85 (Roquefort-Mont de Marsan) 28 km

Thursday October 3, 2019

Our third monotonous day of walking through pine forests and corn fields.
Desmond’s legs are bothering him which means we’re not walking our regular 4 km an hour.
This is good news for my feet and tendons, but it causes us to have another long day.

We have two wonderful stops though - one in Bostens where the church has a separate room for pilgrims where one can rest and make coffee or tea. Because it’s so nice out, we don’t make use of it but we are charmed nonetheless.
Our second pleasant surprise is a restaurant in Gaillères serving lunch!
Desmond needs a pick me up so we take the excellent daily special consisting of a skewer of duck, green beans and gratin de pate, with a plum tart as dessert. A pitcher of rose wine is included, and coffee, all for 11€ per person! We still have 17 km to go after lunch, which takes us 6 hours, but it is worth it!

The one nice thing about these long days is that one gets to walk in the late afternoon when the light is softer, quieter, when there’s people out. They greet us and wish us well. A woman asks us to pray for her when we get to Santiago, I ask Desmond to remind me to pray for Mimi.
On another camino, in another lifetime, I may just walk in the mornings and in the late afternoons. During the early afternoon I will sit by a river and read...

The last kilometers into Mont de Marsan are endless. We’re just so tired. We still have our baguettes which were meant for lunch, so we eat them in our room and don’t go out into this town of culture and entertainment.

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